Terms & Conditions of Admission

Terms & Conditions of Admission

1. Guardians who are interested to get admission of their ward in Shiksha Bhawan can collect all the information regarding student’s admission from the school’s reception/office, during all working days.
2. The ward below 3 yrs of age or above 5 yrs. will not get admission in class Nursery.
3. If any student who has migrated from other state will not be admitted in Shiksha Bhawan without T.C. &counter sign from DIOS. It should be submitted during admission.
4. During admission, the form should be completely filled with accurate Date of Birth and enclosed with required document for admission.
5. If the child is abnormal or suffering with infectious disease should be informed Principal.
6. During admission following documents should be submitted-
(a) Birth Certificate for Nursery.
(b) T.C. of previous school with the signature of head of that school.
(c) Report card of previous class.

7. Admission starts from 1st week of April.

General Instruction

1. The medium of teaching is English, up to class 5th from class 6th to 12th the medium is English & Hindi both.
2. The session will start in April.
3. Valuable items is prohibited in school campus.
4. New Registration begins in April.

Other Activities including IT Classes

1. Animation film, poems , stories are demonstrated by audio visual aids for primary classes Teaching is done by projector in primary section so that the students may achieve more knowledge in the less time. Even junior and senior sections students are also taught by audio visual aids.
2. Students are taken on different educational tour in various historical places.
3. Students are encouraged in arts, handicraft and trained to use waste materials.
4. To improve physical and mental capacity different types of sports are organized for the students.
5. Different type of co-curricular activities are organized as Science exhibition, G.K. Contest, Extempore speech, Rangoli etc. throughout the year.
6. Well equipped Library for students with useful and important books.
7. We have a toy room for tiny tots, providing educational toys through which we impart knowledge to kids.
8. The teaching staff of the school is experienced, well educated and intelligent. The teaching staff is completely devoted for the students.
9. Training of scout and guide is also given to the students.

Request to parents (Co-operation of parents)

1. Ward should bring all necessary books and stationary with them.
2. Ward should be punctual and in proper uniform.
3. Fees should be deposited in time.
4. Parents-Teachers meeting should be attended to know the progress about their ward.

Instruction for Exam

1. Two unit test, Half Yearly Exam and Annual Exam taken during School Session.
2. Students should be regular during exam, if late will not be permitted in class.
3. Before exam all balance Fees should be deposited.
4. Less than 75% attendance will not be permitted to give exam.
5. Exams will be conducted according to educational calendar.
6. In any condition re-exam will not be taken.
7. English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, Science and Social Science are the main subjects.

Rules for Bus

1. The school will not be responsible for any accident or death of student travelling in School bus.
2. The student of the bus is requested to come at the stop before 5 min the time and stand on the left side of the bus stop.
3. If late the bus will not wait for the student.
4. Bus fee will be deposited of 11 months should be deposited with monthly Tuition Fees.
5. If the guardian does not want facility of the bus, he has to inform by application one Months before otherwise he has to pay full fees.